MK Dog Grooming are a small team of the leading dog groomers in Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Wolverton and the surrounding villages of Hanslope, Cosgrove, Castlethorpe and Hartwell.

We absolutely love dogs, and we love making dogs happy, this is why we totally love being in the business of being MK Dog Grooming.

With over 10 years experience working in the animal care and dog grooming business, we know exactly how to look after dogs and keep them happy whilst they get their hair cut.

We also love working with all different types of dog and have professional experience grooming sorts of dogs from Terriers to Collies; Poodles; Spaniels and Retrievers.

We are happy to groom all sizes of dogs ranging from Small Breeds like terriers and schnauzers, Medium Breeds of dog like Springer Spaniels and of course we always love dealing with big friendly dogs like Labradors and German Shepherds.

Our full list of dog grooming services for dogs and dog owners includes:

  • Dog Fur Trimming – treat your dog to a trim and tidy up

  • Dog Coat Styling – treat your best friend to a full fur makeover and restyle

  • Dog Bathing – get the little fella looking and smelling nice

  • Nail Clipping – make sure your little friend’s paws are not hurting them, or a health hazard

  • Ear Cleaning – keep your dogs ears hearing and healthy with a regular clean

  • MK Dog Walking – we can organise regular walks for our clients’ dogs

  • Dog Handstripping – keep your dogs’ paws free of unwanted hair and dirt

  • Dog Paw Treatments – keep your pets paw free of unhealthy ailments with regular checks

  • Doggy Back Sack and Crack – only messing about, we would never do that to a dog for all the tea in China!

At MK Dog Grooming we are happy to work with all of our clients on a flexible basis, without any long term fees or commitments. We are also very happy to work with clients on a long term commitment basis – and loyally commit to grooming your dog however you like, whenever you like. So if you would like us to walk your dog every day at 3 in the afternoon, then cut their nails and fur on the first Friday of every month – or just turn up once every few months upon request to check out your ageing dogs’ general demeanour – every way is fine with us, we simply want to see you and your dog happy in our business!

We always love to meet new dog owners and their dogs, whatever the reason.

If you would like to arrange a professional dog groomers session with Milton Keynes Dog Grooming to see how we can help you and your dog/s, please contact us now for an informal discussion to arrange a quote and dog grooming session by phoning on: